September 24, 2015
We live in 'Apple Country' here and it's hard to think about writing about them when I know there is an apple expert in our midst. Tom Burford is the…
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September 18, 2015
The sweet potato is packed full of vital minerals and vitamins we all need for living a healthy life. They are one of the best, if not the best, source…
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September 15, 2015
Sam and Mary Ruth MizenerWhen not traveling the world these two locavores are supporting the market as well as anything else Lynchburg and local. They really care about their city…
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September 11, 2015
Most people seem to have strong opinions about this vegetable and usually it’s the slime that people don’t like. Thankfully there are some tricks to minimizing the slime. The more…
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September 08, 2015
Kate Burton and Bridgett Alzorn These two sisters have been coming to the market since they were little girls when they would come with their dad. They've also traveled a lot and…
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September 03, 2015
It seems we are doing a series on the night shade family since potatoes fall into the same family (eggplant as well as peppers have also been night shades).  Potatoes…
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