June 26, 2015
Right now is the time to stock up on berries at the market. Blackberries, cherries, blueberries, and raspberries (or even black raspberries) can be found at almost each of our…
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June 25, 2015
Each week, we will feature a different Lynchburg Locavore and find out why eating local is so important to them. Willis MangWillis Mang is a young hip lynchburg Locavore. He loves…
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June 20, 2015
There is nothing better than returning from the Market and assembling a delicious lunch with local, fresh produce. Looking for something simple to make today? We are loving this flavor combination…
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June 19, 2015
This week we are discovering the mushroom. It actually isn't really a vegetable (nor a fruit) it's in its own fungi category since it doesn't have any roots, flowers, leaves,…
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June 10, 2015
Ten Reasons to Eat Local in LynchburgEating local food is a good idea. For so many reasons. Let us count the ways.1. Taste Local food just tastes better! Many conventionally-grown produce…
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June 09, 2015
Mary and Joe Rogers Mary and Joe Rogers of Stoneybrae Farm have only been coming to the Lynchburg Community Market since last year but their commitment to growing good food…
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June 08, 2015
Starting this week we will be having spotlighted produce throughout the season. Each fruit and vegetable that our farmers grow has a great story and a list of health benefits…
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    Please visit our pre-order page for contact info for current Market vendors! Pre-orders are still the best way to make sure you get exactly what you want when shopping at the Market. They'll get you in and out pretty quickly too! Our delicious restaurants and interesting boutiques are still open through the week. Don't forget your mask!