September 15, 2015

Sam and Mary Ruth Mizener

When not traveling the world these two locavores are supporting the market as well as anything else Lynchburg and local. They really care about their city as well as what they put into their bodies. Here’s what Sam had to say about why they come and shop at the market: 


What do you like best about coming to the market? I enjoy coming to the market to see fresh produce as well as talk to friends. Sometimes we exchange ideas on “fixin” veggies. 

Why do you choose to eat local food? Eating local produce not only helps local farmers but it is also far better tasting than store purchases.  

What’s your favorite fruit and vegetable? And why? It’s hard to choose just one! Our favorites are: blueberries, peaches, corn, tomatoes, apples, chard and beets. I use the fresh blueberries in protein shakes, peaches for the grill as well as desserts, swiss chard and beet/greens to make a great veggie dish. 

What are you going to make this week with your local produce? I expect to look for new apples this week and perhaps a melon or two. Who knows what I’ll be making!


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