Do you qualify?

Space is limited, but we do add new products and farms on a rolling basis

  • Farmers selling their own local, fresh, and value-added products
  • Producers may resale agricultural items if signed appropriately and produced within the USA. Though the resale of items produced within the region and/or Virginia grown is strongly encouraged and will take precedence.
  • Locally produced, made from scratch prepared and artisanal food
  • Arts and Craft vendors seeking daily rental – these must be part of our cooperative artist space
  • Mass produced and packaged foods
  • Imported foods from outside of the USA


Policies and Rules

Any agricultural produce or food vendor wanting to apply to sell must be in compliance with the Virginia Department of Health and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Specific producers of meat, dairy and/ or produced items may be required to have a kitchen inspection or verification.


Vendor Handbook
Vendor Rates
Vendor Code Of Conduct
Virginia Farmers Market Association

Farmers and Food Artisans

Virginia Department of Health
VA Grown
Going to Market – Inspections

Crafters and Artists

The Gallery FAQs

Restaurants and Shops

Virginia Department of Health
Going to Market – Inspections


We welcome anyone who meets our criteria to apply, however we do have a limited space here at the Market. If you choose to apply, please know that this will not assure that you will receive a spot. We will review your application and if we find it to be a good addition the market we will contact you when a spot becomes available. Please note that we will ONLY contact those vendors we wish to bring into the Market. 

Farmers and Food Artisans (Producers) – Producers include all vendors that grow, make, or produce a food product.
The Gallery (Artisans) – Artisans include any vendor selling craft or art pieces.

Restaurants and Shops

Spaces for restaurants and shops are sparse and often are hard to come by. In case there is an opening, check our website around the beginning of the calendar year where we will post it publicly for a few weeks. Leases run April to April costing $9/ square foot

Other Applications:

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If you have any further questions about vending, please contact the market staff at (434) 455-4485 or by email at


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