Cheryl Johnson
“Unkol” Chuck’s Brunswick Stew. Sold frozen, in two sizes by the quart or pint. We use boneless-skinless chicken breast creating a mild, blend of tomatoes, potatoes, corn, onion, and baby butter beans. Made 12 months of the year in Brunswick County, Virginia, the original home of Brunswick Stew.
Alberta, VA
4 Years
1 Years
Cash, Checks, Cards
Our stew master, “Unkol” Chuck Johnson, raised in Brunswick Co., was taught the art of making the stew as a child in his grandmother’s kitchen. Our basic recipe stems from Alyce Johnson’s. Years later, during a fundraiser for his church, a participant suggested to “Unkol” Chuck that he “take this stew commercial.” Boom! The store with it’s commercial kitchen was purchased, and Voila! Here we are today four years later!
Interaction with folks and teaching about the origin of Brunswick Stew, historically indigenous to Virginia’s past stemming from 1828.
Inspected by Virginia Dept. of Agriculture, VDACS. Virginia weights & measures. Safe Food Handlers


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