September 08, 2015

Kate Burton and Bridgett Alzorn 

IMG_0991These two sisters have been coming to the market since they were little girls when they would co
me with their dad. They’ve also traveled a lot and been to markets all over the world and they both say this is one of the best! (although the one in Paris may be a difficult one to beat) This past Saturday they were picking up some local food for one of their friends who is sick in the hospital but they kindly took a few minutes to chat with me about why they eat local:

What do you like best about coming to the market?  Bridgett loves coming to the market and seeing all the different people as well as her favorite vendors (but she won’t tell you who they are) and Kate loves the bread, the smell of the bread, the colorful people, and all the farmers who work so hard for us. 

Why do you choose to eat local food? Cause it’s the best for you! and Bridgett agrees. They both hate chain restaurants and they know the food at the market is fresh and good.

What’s your favorite fruit and vegetable? And why? Kate loves cherries and squash while Bridgett loves Apples, but she definitely prefers one that are hard, crunchy and a little sour with her favorite being a Granny Smith. Lima Beans or ‘butter beans’ are her favorite vegetable and she gets them from one of her favorite vendors already peeled and ready to cook! 

What are you going to make when you get home today? Bridgett will be making Eggplant Parmesan for her sick friend while Kate got her a nice Blueberry Tart and a Baguette from Lorraine Bakery since cooking just really isn’t her thing (her own words not mine).



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