June 10, 2015

Ten Reasons to Eat Local in Lynchburg

Eating local food is a good idea. For so many reasons. Let us count the ways.

1. Taste 

Local food just tastes better! Many conventionally-grown produce items are picked before they are ripe in the hopes they will make it to their final destination unspoiled. Some vegetables are even chemically ripened with gas. Local foods that ripen on the vine will reach their taste – and who doesn’t want a tasty tomato.

2. Freshness 

Much of the local produce you will buy at the Lynchburg Community Market has been harvested in the last 24-hours. You won’t find that freshness at the grocery store. . And there is no doubt that the fresher the produce the better the taste!

3. Variety

Local growers are all about variety! Because they are not so focused on which varietals travel well, they can offer many different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Are you a cauliflower lover? Why not try green cauliflower, or purple, or Romanesco? Get colorful with not only red beets, but golden beets and striped Chioggia beets, too! Shopping locally lets you expand your horizons and try new things.

4. Better Nutrition

As soon as your produce is picked, it begins to lose its nutritional value, as the crop is no longer receiving nutrients from the soil. The longer the food takes to get to you, the less nutrients you are receiving. Get the optimal nutritional benefit from your fruits and veggies by buying local.

5. Support Local Economy

By purchasing food grown right here in Central Virginia, you are doing your part to support our local economy. Spend your grocer money on local food and support your community at the same time.

6. Cost

While some local produce might be more expensive than the vegetables you can buy at your local big box store, you can often find great deals on in-season produce. Looking for a bushel of tomatoes for your next batch of salsa? Hit the market toward the end of the season and stock up on fresh, inexpensive tomatoes.

7. Knowing where your food comes from

Buying your produce at the Lynchburg Community Market guarantees that you will know where your food is coming from. While buying your fruits and vegetables you can ask the farmer any questions you may have about how, where, and under what conditions the food was grown.  Farmers look forward to getting to know you, their customers, and who knows maybe even give you a special deal!

8. Environmental benefits

Smaller local farms tend to practice better forms of farming by cutting out pesticides that can contaminate the air, water, and soil. Plus, your food won’t have to travel all the way from California, Mexico, or beyond to get to you, reducing your food’s carbon footprint.

9. Less waste

If food has to be shipped over 1,000 miles to the closest grocery store then it also has to be packed in plastic to keep it looking fresh.  Our farmers lay out their produce for you to be able to choose what you would like instead of packaging it in plastic. This cuts out a lot of waste product. Want to make an even bigger difference? Bring your own bags!

10. Market experience

Last but certainly not least, shopping for local food means a trip to the Lynchburg Community Market! The market is a great place to meet new people, catch up with old friends, listen to music while your kids run around, and enjoy great food. Each Wednesday and Saturday hundreds of people come downtown to be part of this experience and we would love for you to join us!


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