July 01, 2015

Each week, we will feature a different Lynchburg Locavore and find out why eating local is so important to them. 


Azalea wants her family to eat good fresh food and that’s why if she can’t grow it in her own garden she comes down to the market to get her produce. To read more about her gardening and parenting adventures (and to find out what ‘crunchy’ means) head on over to her blog! You can also follow her on instagram: @crunchylynchburg!

Here’s what she had to say:

What do you like best about coming to the market?
As an aspiring homesteader I love the access to friendly farmers that I can learn from. Today I had some questions about cherry trees and I got some great advice. What really warms my heart about the whole environment of the market is how many families you see and it’s so great to see kids and babies starting their lives with great attitudes towards food and community.

Why do you choose to eat local food?
I think it’s super important to support your own community, and shop local. Personally, I love my food to be as close to living as possible. I’m all about freshness. The closer I can get from growing out of the ground to going in my belly, the better.

What’s your favorite fruit or vegetable? And why?
My favorite vegetable is the beet root. I love raw juice and beets mix so well with fruit, they’re so healthy, and they taste like dirt in a really good way. As far as fruit goes, we’re a berry family. Myself and my kids tear up all varieties of berries.

What are you going to make when you get home today?
This week we picked up some beets, blackberries, cherries, an apple, and a nectarine. We did our shopping after grabbing an iced coffee, which I have to mention because, “Grains of Sense” has my favorite iced coffee in the city. I’m juicing the beets and plan on experimenting with some beet juice blends. Apple and Beet is my standby. It’s always delicious.


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