July 02, 2015

Tomatoes are in! It seems like every week brings more shades, types, and sizes of tomatoes to the market. But tomatoes haven’t always been so well loved, in fact for their first 200 years in Europe they were referred to as the “poison apple.” (To read more about that click here) Now of course we know better and other than their delicious taste they contain two major health benefits:

  • filled with antioxidants tomatoes have been shown to help with bone health
  • help reduce the risk of heart disease


While there’s nothing that beats a good BLT here are some new ways to try the tomatoes you get at the market:

  • tomatoes + basil + goat cheese
  • tomatoes + avocado + lemon
  • tomatoes + basil + olive oil + orange juice + prosciutto + watermelon 
  • tomatoes + fennel + Gorgonzola cheese


(These flavor affinities were sourced from “The Flavor Bible” by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg) 

Also be sure to stop by this Saturday (July 4) to learn some Bengali style tomato recipes with Mahabuba Akhter. Missed her recipes? Click the link below: 

Tomato Recipe




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