August 20, 2015

Nakesha MooreIMG_0870

Nakesha moved to Lynchburg in 2000 to study English at Lynchburg College. Now 15 years later she is still here and works for Virginia State in the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program. You’ve probably seen her here at the market on Wednesdays giving some great cooking demonstrations! Here’s what she had to say about why she chooses to buy local food:

What do you like best about coming to the market? I would have to say the inviting atmosphere and how friendly everyone is. This came as a surprise to me since I had heard some things about the market that made me think it wouldn’t be. I was hesitant for a while but I am so happy to say I found it very inviting and I enjoy coming here!

Why do you choose to eat local food? Because I know it’s going to be better for me than anything I buy at the grocery store. It’s not shiny and perfect and that’s how I know it will be good. 

What’s your favorite fruit and vegetable? And why? For fruit it’s definitely a peach. We had a peach tree growing up and it makes me think of my home in Gretna. Since I don’t have any room for a peach tree here it’s nice to be able to get fresh peaches at the market. My vegetable of choice is the cucumber. Mainly because it’s the only vegetable I like, my son likes and my daughter likes. I chop them up and freeze them. Then I can stick them in a blender with frozen peaches, frozen strawberries along with a bit of almond milk. My kids love these smoothies for breakfast they say it tastes like ice cream!

What are you going to make when you get home today? Well I made ratatouille on Sunday and we will be eating it all week. I had made it as part of one of our cooking demonstrations the Virginia Cooperative Extension puts on on Wednesdays and ever since my kids have been begging for it! I love that I can get all the ingredients here at the market. 


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