October 23, 2015

Dave Poole

British import and valley transplant, Dave Poole is now 100% Lynchburg. Though Dave can often be found grumbling in his charmingly distinctive way, anyone who knows him knows that through his restaurant and  properties and the various capacities and boards through which he serves, Dave displays a heart of gold that is deeply invested in our community. Here’s what he had to say about eating local:


What do you like best about coming to the market? Coming to the market almost always inspires me because I find produce to take home and guide me rather than following a recipe.

Why do you choose to eat local food?  I believe locally sourced foods are healthier in ALL ways: For my family, for the environment and for the local economy.

What’s your favorite fruit and vegetable? And why?  Favorite fruit & vegetable now that is a moving target (seasonally) but currently Nelson County Apples & micro greens. Although I rather favor Nelson County hops – year round…

What are you going to make this week with your local produce? This week’s market yield (Wednesday) I picked up duck eggs, without a real plan but thinking Sriracha deviled sounds appealing, really spicy arugula salad and probably an omelette, and the micro green blend will likely show up in various forms (super crispy fresh, but then again they cook well too).


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