July 24, 2015

Martha DechowIMG_0686

Even if you don’t recognize Martha you probably recognize her shirt. It’s her market shirt and she wears it every Saturday and even if she bought it as a joke it’s turned out to be a favorite part of her market routine. At home she has a small vegetable garden and five chickens, but she actually prefers to do her “gardening” at the market.  She absolutely loves coming to the market every Saturday and Wednesday and here’s what she had to say about eating local food:


What do you like best about coming to the market?
Having a place to shop where I know the farmers, can talk to them, and trust their good produce because they grew it. I love going to a place where I know the people and they know me too.

Why do you choose to eat local food?
1. I grew up eating food out of the garden so it just makes sense. 2. It tastes better and it’s so fresh. 3. Supporting my local farmers who are interested in growing good food.

What’s your favorite fruit and vegetable? And why?
Peaches are my favorite fruit because there’s nothing like a ripe peach in the summer. And for vegetable it would have to be a Tomato during the summer. My husband and I eat a tomato sandwich every day when they’re in season.

What are you going to make this week with your local produce?

A fresh summer salad made with spiralized Zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and berries one of the great recipes I learned from the weekly chef demonstrations. They are so fun!


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