October 23, 2015

At this year’s Harvest Festival we will have our first ever “Locavore Cook-Off” with six local chefs preparing their favorite fall dish for you to try! After purchasing a $3 ticket you will be able to try each of their dishes and then vote on your favorite one. We are extremely thrilled to have these very talented chefs participating. To learn more about the chefs, continue reading below.

Chef Marisa Jones


Chef Marisa Catalano Jones is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. After working in two prominent New York restaurants; Tom Valentiʼs Ouest and Rebecca Charlesʼ Pearl Oyster Bar; Marisa started food styling for television. She worked with celebrity chefs at The Food Network, Discovery Home Channel, Fox and ABC. After returning to Virginia, she began teaching cooking classes in Charlottesville at The Seasonal Cook, The Charlottesville Cooking School and The Happy Cook. Her classes continued in Lynchburg at Culina and Catalanoʼs Delicatessen, and currently does private classes, events and catering. She is the chef at Elizabethʼs Early Learning Center, providing nutritious, fresh, homemade meals and she has done three cooking demonstrations at the market this season. To say the least they have been a hit.

Jaz Hipp | Millstone Tea Roomlynchburgcommunitymarket (8) copy

Jaz has worked through the ranks in Lynchburg for a decade. He started his chef career as Sous Chef at Magnolia foods and from their he staged any where that let him. He worked as a chef at Bull Branch for its last year open and from there he traveled to Philadelphia and Augusta, GA.He is currently finishing up a farm internship at Island Creek Farm in Bedford which helped him land his current job at Millstone Tea Room. Now he’s starting to feel more settle in Bedford County where he calls home. 

Tarsha Joyner | Mrs. Joy’s Absolutely Fabulous Treats


Tarsha Joyner is talented in many ways but for this we will focus on her ability to make treats that are absolutely fabulous! She started her business three years ago and definitely has not looked back and is going to be expanding next year. She started with just shortbread and slowly started adding items to the product line. Her goal was (and still is) to make sure that everything is made with the finest, highest quality and freshest ingredients. Before it gets called a Treat it must taste as good as it looks. I want to see the look of joy spread across a Treat Seeker’s face when they taste an Absolutely Fabulous Treat! Her treats can be bought at the Lynchburg Community Market on Saturdays. 

Aida Sherman | D’Masa11960078_1635736203361324_6746407595461694938_n

D’Masa Deli just recently opened this year. Mika, Mariella and Aida bring their specialities from South and Central America to the people of Lynchburg through sweet pasties, cookies, chocolates and now savory pies and empanadas. Just over the past few months at the market they have grown in popularity as well as in diversity of what they sell. The ladies are dedicated to creating the best food for their customers and take great joy in bringing Lynchburg something new and different. 


Willie Payne | Oakwood Country Club

Willie Payne is not only the current catering chef at Oakwood Country Club but he is also a talented Pastry Chef and banquet chef. We can’t wait to see what he makes for the cook-off!

Petra Hackman | Lorraine Bakery

lynchburgcommunitymarket (4)

Over the past 8 years Lorraine Bakery has become a staple for Market goers of all ages. Their breads and pastries are so delicious and we here at the market do not know what we would do without them. Petra is the woman behind it all and after her cooking demo at the market a few weeks ago we can see why their products do not disappoint. She is dedicated to making things the best that they can be. 





Impressed? I know I am! 

Join us for our Harvest Festival on October 31! 


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