Michelle Andrews
Welded horseshoe art
Lynchburg, VA
3 Years
1 Years
Cash/ Check/ Credit
My products are created to share something unique and dear to me, not to make a ton of money. I got into my craft during a particularly hard time in my life. It was Christmas and I worried that I might not have enough money for my next meal, let alone gifts. That year, I decided to make rather than buy. One of my farrier friends graciously gave me an entire box of used horse shoes and my brother taught me how to weld them together. I learned the true meaning of Christmas that year - helping people - because of all of the help that was given to me.

I think that my products have a unique flair. Many are colorful pieces designed to make people smirk and laugh. After all, I am a woman that welds!
I have always loved the Market, the colors of the fresh produce, the farmers, vendors, and their stories!


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