Parking at the Market


In the coming months, parking at the Lynchburg Community Market will become a bit more challenging as Lot H undergoes a much needed construction project. While we recognize that any change to Downtown parking impacts everyone, this project is very important to the health and safety of the community.

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We hope that you will bear with us during these renovations by USING THE DOWNTOWN PARKING MAP to plan ahead for alternative parking.

Keep in mind that street parking is free on Saturdays and individuals with valid handicap credentials can park in any legal non-permit parking spot. 

Public Transportation

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Lot H Construction

The Lot H Parking Lot, more commonly known as the Lynchburg Community Market Parking Lot, was built by the City of Lynchburg in the early 1930’s and currently rests atop a subterranean void – the “Parking Deck.” Over the years, the structure has gone through various evaluations resulting in several structural repairs. The City of Lynchburg has continued to closely monitor the structure to ensure safe use of the facility due to concern about the ongoing deterioration and a design that only allowed for a 3 ton weight limit. The most recent structure evaluation advised the City that drastic repairs would need to be made for the “Parking Deck” to remain functional.

In its current state, the subterranean void has been unusable for decades due to the changes in building codes, health and safety standards. While the evaluation investigated the possibility of an overhaul of the void, the study showed that the deck’s concrete and supporting elements are so severely deteriorated that making repairs would not be economically feasible. So, in 2016 the City developed a plan to remove and fill the Lot H subterranean void.

The City of Lynchburg recognizes that numerous businesses adjacent to the Lot H Parking Deck at the Market rely heavily on that area for customer parking. Therefore, the project has been scheduled for the winter of 2017 in order to have the least impact on the citizens, market patrons and businesses. Look for the project to be completed in July 2017.


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