July 09, 2015

You can find fresh and dried herbs at the market but they may leave you wondering, how exactly do I cook with these? I’ve reverenced the Flavor Bible before because they really know what they’re talking about and this is no exception. Here are some tips I found in the Flavor Bible (p.181) and I wanted to share (here they were talking with Jerry Traunfeld previous chef at The Herbfarm in Washington):

  • Know your herb. Be sure to know the profile of the herbs you are using before starting out. 
  • You want to pair delicate with delicate or strong with strong.
  • Not all herbs are created equal, and they can vary within their categories or season.
  • Herbs have regional affinities. 
  • Herbs also have seasonal affinities. 
  • How to use the chosen herb. Soft-leaved herbs shouldn’t be cooked because they will lose their flavor. Tough-leaved herbs can go into dishes and stand up to heat and cooking. 
  • Choose an herb that is the same intensity as your protein.
  • Herbs aren’t exclusive to savory dishes. 


Herbs can add a whole new complexity to a dish so they are worth experimenting with! Come to the market this Saturday, July 11 at 9 am and learn some tips from Cater this! chefs. Missed their recipes? Click the link below:

thyme & mint recipe




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