August 20, 2015

Sometimes a difficult vegetable to love, Eggplant when cooked right offers an interesting taste and texture to a dish. Originating in India, it has definitely had a varied acceptance rate among cultures. In India it is called, “brinjal” and is thought to be the King of the Vegetables (interesting since it is actually a fruit) while in Italy it is called “melanzane” which means “crazy apple.” Hang on a second.. it’s actually a fruit? I wasn’t aware of this but since it is part of the nightshade family, like the tomato, it is actually a fruit. Whether you agree with the Indians or the Italians, eggplant is very healthy and contains a variety of antioxidants that can help protect brain membranes as well as phytonutriants which can keep your cardiovascular system healthy. 

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Flavor affinities?  The Flavor Bible has got you covered: 

  • eggplant + basil + bell peppers + garlic + tomatoes
  • eggplant + basil + mozzarella cheese
  • eggplant + lentils + yoghurt 
  • eggplant + garlic + lemon juice + olive oil + parsley + tahini
  • eggplant + basil + olive oil + balsamic vinegar
  • eggplant + garlic + onions + parsley



Lucy Cook’s recipes were very tasty but if you missed her demonstration not to worry! Her recipes are below:

Eggplant recipe


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