October 07, 2015

We all know carrots are good for your eyes but it turns out they have a lot more to offer. In fact they help keep our arteries healthy by supplying them with necessary antioxidants. It’s important to keep our arteries healthy since they’re the ones responsible for transporting highly oxygenated blood. The good news is that Americans seem to really like them, with the average adult eating out 12 pounds a year. They originated somewhere in Asia but they have had no trouble spreading all over the world. In case you don’t feel like just eating them raw here are some flavor combinations that are sure to get your taste buds singing!

  • carrots + cumin + orange
  • carrots + pistachios + tarragon
  • carrots + raisins + yoghurt
  • carrots + cinnamon + raisins + sugar + walnuts
  • carrots + cilantro + lime


Also please come inside the market this Saturday for a cooking demo with Petra Hackman from Lorraine Bakery. She’s excellent baker and cook so you don’t want to miss it! Happening Saturday morning at 9 am. 



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